I am in love with tourism, hotels and employees who work hard, day and night, to make the stay of the clients an unforgettable experience.  I promise to continue writing the saga of novels based on my prolific career.

I wish to thank all the star actors, world renown singers, musicians and politicians who visited my first hotel in Eilat on the Red Sea and permitted me to use their names and pictures taken from the press which I have included in the book.

My thanks to the thousands of tourists who repeatedly visited the fourteen hotels that I managed in seven countries and three continents, and, therefore helped achieve higher occupancy rates and a meteoric success in my professional career.  I am considered to be one of the 10,000 best hoteliers in the world, among the 150,000 working between 1964 and 1999.

The sexual adventures, thefts, frauds and whatever happens to the employees in the different departments make the reading interesting and pleasurable. What the reader will learn is that what occurs in Hotel is as strange as life itself.

All my novels are based on true stories. My first book "Speedy Goes To The Army," is about a young student who volunteers to one of the strongest armies of the world and becomes a hero without even wanting to.

All my books are autobiographical, but written as novels. Most of the names have been changed and the stories have been dramatized. My second book "Hotel Palace LaRoma" deals with my first resort hotel as General Manager between 1972 and 1977.